Fun Mandarin/Thai Summer Camp 2018

30 Apr


Come to join our most popular Mandarin camp this summer. A weekly program specially designed for children 4-12 years old. It does not matter if your child knew nothing about this language or they are native mandarin speakers, we have different course for them to make them interested to learn this language! (课程根据学生年龄及中文知识的基础 ,分为母语班和非母语班)

For Native Mandarin speaking children, they will learn reading and writing and Chinese national culture. 母语班主要学习汉字基础,阅读及国学。

For Non native speaking children, the focus more places on the listening, speaking and conversational skills. 非母语班着重培养学生听说和会话能力,及对汉语的学习兴趣。

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 14:00 Mandarin

14:00-15:00 Thai (Optional)

Topics of each week:

Week 1 June 25-29: Treasure Hunters (寻宝猎人)

Week 2 July 2-6: Chinese Disney (中国迪士尼)

Week 3 July 9-13: Under the Sky (星空下)

Week 4 July 16-20: Little Bakers (小小面点师)

Week 4 July 23-27: Uncle Mc’s Farm (麦叔叔的农场)

Week 5 July 30 – August 3: Under the Sea (海洋探秘)

Week 6 August 6-10: Emergency Call (紧急出动)

Week 7 August 13-17: Back to Ancient time (穿越日记)