Summer Camp

August English Summer Camp 2019

14 Jun

August 5 – August 30, 2019 Monday – Friday 9am to 2pm Our English Summer Camp is a fun-filled, theme based weekly course that is designed around fun stories, games and creative activities that will inspire your child, improve their language and build their confidence to talk in English. STUDENTS LEARNING WITH OUR EXPERIENCED ENGLISH TEACHERS WILL: • use English

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27 Apr

专门针对海外华裔儿童设计的中文夏令营 – 每周介绍一座中国城市,通过学习当地特色文化和标志性建筑等,让孩子对神州大地有更深的认识 – 通过诵读经典,把中华传统文化的精髓融入课程中,帮助孩子培养良好的习惯和道德品质

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