14 May
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2022 龙的传人之华根中文夏令营开始报名啦! – 专门针对海外华裔儿童设计的中文夏令营 – 每周一个山海经中的古代神话故事, 诵读经典, 把中华传统文化的精髓融入课程中, 让孩子对中华文化有更深的认识和了解,帮助孩子培养良好的习惯和道德品质. 报名热线: 086-4165707 Line Official : @nancylanguageschool

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Mandarin Summer Camp 2022

09 May
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Mandarin Summer Camp 2022 Experience Amazing Things This Summer in a Mandarin Immersion Experience! • Tailored for different age groups from 4-12 • The most fun and productive summertime experience for Chinese language learners • Specially designed for creative kids to express themselves with incredible discoveries and hands on experiences all while perfecting their Chinese language skills • Combines engaging

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Holiday Mandarin Camp 2021/2022

02 Dec


27 Apr

专门针对海外华裔儿童设计的中文夏令营 – 每周介绍一座中国城市,通过学习当地特色文化和标志性建筑等,让孩子对神州大地有更深的认识 – 通过诵读经典,把中华传统文化的精髓融入课程中,帮助孩子培养良好的习惯和道德品质

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