Nancy Language Club is a leader in teaching foreign language to young children by using advanced technology. From 1 to 12 years old, our classes are designed specifically according to children’s age and their level of readiness. Our Baby Circle class has different age-appropriate activities and games to enhance your baby’s physical movement and social interaction. For toddlers, we offer an environment with more freedom to strive their independence, and start to give your toddler lots of opportunities to speak out, gaining confidence through dramatic play, games, and story reading. Our language class is taught with the most advanced technology and innovation, and we pay special attention on conversation.

Our language classes start with children over 3 years old. Our experienced teachers will conduct a test with the children upon application, to assure every individual is put in the correct class according to their level.

All our language classes are conducted in the target language by native teachers, with the assistance of a Thai teacher helping if necessary.

The mind is like a muscle; it needs to get cognitive exercise. Research finds children who had been exposed to a second language from an early age proved to have the most Grey Matter – that is responsible for processing information, including memory, speech and sensory perception. Second language learning is just like taking your brain to the gym, it’s an excellent way of flexing those brain muscles and building them up, more than that, it stimulates the growth of the hippocampus and also helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s never too early to learn a second language. Many leading experts believe that introducing children to a second language as early as possible fosters healthy brain development, encourages positive social skills, and lays a solid foundation for effective communication skills that will last a lifetime.

Today’s children are exposed to advanced technology at an early age, with tablet, e-reader, and Smartphone. Experience with technology can pave the way for unprecedented learning opportunities. Research shows that proper computer use supports and increases young children’s skill in the social, cognitive, and language area. It is proven that in a classroom environment, a teacher who facilitates the use of technology like ISB, the children made an even greater gain.

Humans learn language through social interaction, not just in the classroom. At Nancy Language Club children are offered real life language practice outside of school in a safe cultivating environment while learning language & culture side by side through cultural trips and productions of play for the public. Choosing Nancy Language Club for your children means giving them better knowledge about language, the processes of learning, and most importantly themselves. Knowledge is priceless.