Mandarin Club

Mandarin Club : 3-12 years old

Mandarin Club

For children aged 3-12

A member of Nancy Education Group from Beijing, China, Nancy Language School established in downtown Bangkok in 2013, and now become a leading school in teaching Mandarin to students age 1-12. We are also the first school with Nancy Education Group to provide tri-lingual language education.

At Nancy Language School, we introduce young learners to Mandarin step by step in a natural way, from listening and speaking to reading and writing, making all students feels comfortable and confident to learn and talk! Our Chinese course syllabuses are created specifically for students who have different needs as Mandarin as home language, Mandarin as second language and Mandarin as a foreign language.

With caring from our qualified Chinese teachers who all have teaching Mandarin in overseas, we are committed to assist our students to develop their learning interest and skills in Mandarin, and  in the acquisition of essential skills needed for success in school and beyond.

Mandarin as home language                                                  Online Mandarin Class

Mandarin as second language                                                Local Mandarin Summer Camp

Mandarin as a foreign language                                            Beijing Mandarin Summer Camp