Nursery Club

Nursery Club : 12-36 months

Nursery Class Daily routine

Our nursery program is a preparation course that helps your little one get ready for kindergarten. It is part of a tri-lingual program that teaches the basics of English, Chinese Mandarin and Thai to young learners including listening, speaking, music, story, phonics movement and art activities.

We provide a cozy, caring environment for children to learn school routines, independent eating habits, as well as variety of social, physical, expressive, emotional and intellectual skills for the well-balanced, overall development of your child.

The program runs half day from 9am to 12 noon during weekdays. Our Chinese Mandarin is on Monday and Thursday, and English Nursery is on Wednesday and Friday. Thai lesson is everyday 20 minutes. You can enroll your child either full time or part time depending on your schedule or the language you are interested. For example, if you are only interested to learn English, then you can enroll only for English nursery on Wednesday and Friday.

All teachers are native speakers with qualification and experience to teach young children. There will be at least 2 teachers in the classroom all the time, and 1 nanny during the snack and outdoor activity time.

Our program is theme based for young learners. One specific topic will be introduced to students each month, and they learn through different kinds of age appropriate activities and games.

Parents or guardians will be only allowed to attend the class at the first trial lesson. Once you enroll your child in this program, no parent or guardians should join the class.

This program is only available during weekdays, not at weekends.

We offer free trial lesson 1 seat per class, please contact us to make a reservation in advance.

Our tuition starts at 8,000 THB per month.