August English Camp 2023

06 Jun
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August English Camp
Join our exciting English camp and embark on a week-long journey of discovery! Discover the world’s continents, dive into the solar system, explore marine life, and celebrate diverse festivals. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and captivating visuals, broaden your global awareness and foster an appreciation for diverse cultures. Join us and let your curiosity soar!

加入我们, 每周一个不同主题, 但充满激情的英语夏令营,一起踏上探索之旅吧!走遍世界各大洲,深入太阳系,探索海洋生物,庆祝各种不同节日。通过互动课程,引人入胜的活动和视觉效果,拓宽学生的全球意识,并培养对多元文化的欣赏。这个八月, 加入我们,让好奇心飞翔吧!

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